1. Program

a)  Are the courses full-time or part-time & who can take this course?

This course is for everyone who wishes to make a career in the various technologies we offer training for. Students/freshers/working professionals with relevant experience can take our Career Bootcamp courses.

b)  At the end of the course, will I get any certificate?

Yes, post successful completion of the course training requirements, we will award you with a course completion certificate with a unique credential number that can be verified digitally for its authenticity.

c)  What is a certification badge of skill competency and how can I earn it?

Along with the course completion certificate, you can also earn a certification badge of skill competency that is verified and can be shared along with your portfolio (Resume/Linkedin). To earn a certification badge you would need to go through an assessment process.

d)  How will I be evaluated during the course?

Evaluations will be based on your overall performance, assignments, daily tasks, projects and other course activities that will help you build confidence and prepare you for a successful career ahead.

e)  How much attendance is required?

We expect you to attend all course sessions, however, we do understand that there might be unforeseen circumstances due to which you may not be able to do so at times, hence we require you to have at least 90% attendance during the course for successful completion.

f)  If I am unable to attend a lecture, how will I cover the topics from the missed lecture?

All training sessions are recorded for your benefit. In case if you have missed any sessions you can watch these recordings at your convenience and come prepared for the next session.

g)  Is it an online or offline course?

All our courses are 100% live, online & instructor-led.

h)  What is the timing of the classes?

A detailed course schedule will be shared with you before the commencement of any course. We give students enough time between sessions so that they can thoroughly understand and practice the topics through assignments and daily tasks.

i)  What is the effort required per week?

You would be required to put in anywhere between 15 and 25 hours per week.

j)  Will I have access to the course contents after course completion?

Yes, you will have complete access to the course contents post completion of the course for one year.

  2. Admission

a)  How can I apply for the course?

You can apply on our website https://www.acqwire.in for the course of your choice/interest.

b)  What is the selection criteria?

Our admission team will review the suitability of your application for the program and do a one-on-one counselling session to help you make an informed decision.

c)  What do you look for when we apply for a course at Acqwire?

We look for qualities like commitment, dedication, determination, proactiveness, focus and grit in all our applicants. Above all, we are looking for applicants who can be strong team players.

d)  What if I want to enrol and the batch has already begun?

We have a new batch starting every three months. While you wait for the next batch to start, you will be given preference over other applicants and access to the course prep material so that you have a head start when the next batch begins.

d)  Can I transfer to the subsequent batch if I’m unable to attend classes due to an emergency?

Yes, in certain special cases you will be allowed to transfer to a subsequent batch and such a transfer is only allowed once. Acqwire reserves the right to either grant or decline such a transfer.

  3. Fee

a)  How does the fee payment work?

For details regarding the fee and payment structure reach us at +91-9985111024.

b)  What happens if I quit the course midway through?

If for whatever reason, you decide to discontinue the course within the first week , we will refund your complete fee excluding GST and service charges. Post first week, you forfeit any claim on your entire admission fee and subsequently, access to the entire course content will be revoked.

c)  Can I pay the fee in instalments?

Yes, you opt for easy hassle free payment installments and pay the course fee.

  4. Placements

a)  Does Acqwire provide placement assistance after the course completion under Career Bootcamp?

Yes, we are 100% confident in our course structure and faculty and its ability to put you in the best position for finding a suitable employment opportunity. We will also aid you in networking and connecting with our hiring partners thereby increasing your chances of employment.

b)  When will the placements start, what will be the procedure?

Your placement chances begin as soon as you complete the course. We will conduct regular hiring drives with our partner companies in our hiring network along with job referrals. To qualify for placements , you will need to earn the certification badge of skill competency with a good score.

c)  How many hiring partners does acquire have?

We currently have a healthy working relationship with over 50 companies. We also have a dedicated team that works diligently to acquire newer markets constantly.

d)  What is the placement support provided by Acqwire?

Our placement team will assist you in resume construction, portfolio building, interview preparation and networking with our hiring partners.

e)  What is the time frame within which I can expect placement?

Post completion of the course, the placements assistance window will be for 6 months, during which we will connect you to suitable opportunities with companies in our hiring network.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to call us on +91-9985111024 during normal business hours. Our admissions office will be happy to help you!